The BMW M235i is a car equipped with a 3.0-liter engine (gasoline). The unit has a power of up to 440 horses and 580 Nm .


The maximum engine speed is 7600 rpm and acceleration from 0 to 100 is less than 4 seconds.

The automatic transmission ensures smooth and quick gearing. The BMW M235i has an X-drive drive which makes it one of those cars for which every conscious driver must have respect.


Agile, precise and extremely fast M235i. This exciting and rebellious car is created for lovers of a large dose of adrenaline. The aggressive line, high power and drone of the R-six are arguments that will convince every fan of sports cars to sit behind the wheel of the racial M series.

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A two-axle chassis dynamometer equipped with two electro-spin brakes


Chip tuning means increasing power and torque as well as reducing fuel consumption


Symptoms of a DPF / FAP particle filter clogging are power loss or the engine goes into emergency mode.