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Chip tuning means increasing the power and torque of our car as well as reducing fuel consumption and improving overall efficiency. Chip tuning is a change in the engine control software, which allows you to increase its power. We do safe tuning without exposing the engine to excessive effort.

Many cars have a lot of power reserves that can be easily released by doing chip tuning. To do this, connect your computer to the car's central control unit and modify the fuel dose, ignition timing and angle (in diesel - injection), boost pressure, as well as the maximum allowable engine speed

Manufacturers do not specifically use the 100% potential of our machines to demand higher amounts at the time of purchase for top and stronger versions of their cars.


Since we paid 100% of the price for our car, why should we use 80% of its capabilities?


We approach each car individually - we do not win cash!


Before each chip tuning, we carefully check the vehicle - technical condition, computer diagnostics and measurement on our dynamometer. Only when the car passes all tests, we begin the modification of the software, and then we re-verify our work on the dynamometer, and finally issue a certificate which certifies that the program has been modified for the given car.


2 Years Warranty for services and its correctness. Increase POWER! reduce COMBUSTION!


WE DO NOT WORK ON CHINESE DON'T OPERATING device clones for reading and programming controllers.


After a well-done chip tuning, the car gains additional power, more torque, is lighter and burns less fuel. The benefits of this treatment speak for themselves. Unlock the hidden potential of the Car


Well made chip tuning will give the car a new life and will last for many years. We invite you to chip tuning to our headquarters located in Grodzisk Mazowiecki.


We guarantee the high quality of our products and services, which is confirmed by numerous reviews.


A two-axle chassis dynamometer equipped with two electro-spin brakes


Chip tuning means increasing power and torque as well as reducing fuel consumption


Symptoms of a DPF / FAP particle filter clogging are power loss or the engine goes into emergency mode.

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