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ECO Chip-tuning for trucks is a very good method to reduce fuel consumption, increase power and torque, and improve their performance. If you run a transport company, do you have a truck or do business - this offer is just for you.

Popular truck brands such as Scania, Volvo, Man, Daf, Iveco and Mercedes as well as many others have electronically controlled engines. The engine controller determines the performance and usually also the dosage of Ad-blue (Euro 6).

Changing the engine control software in a truck reduces fuel consumption and at the same time increases performance.

Drivers praise working with stronger trucks, and transport can be carried out more efficiently, which translates into reduced operating costs, increased profit and fuel savings. Fuel savings can reach up to 5-8%! Trucks cover hundreds of kilometers every day, burning huge amounts of fuel, which is why every, even minimal reduction of the car's fuel demand will result in significant savings. The investment pays off after a few months of electronic modernization.

As in the case of passenger cars - we approach each vehicle individually, performing a series of tests before any modification.

The purpose of chip tuning for trucks and commercial vehicles is to reduce the cost of its use, i.e. reduce fuel consumption. Physically, it looks like that after modernization we are in contact with the customer and if the effect is insufficient we make a correction so as to optimize the work of the given power unit in the best way possible.


A two-axle chassis dynamometer equipped with two electro-spin brakes


Chip tuning means increasing power and torque as well as reducing fuel consumption


Symptoms of a DPF / FAP particle filter clogging are power loss or the engine goes into emergency mode.

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