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Chassis dynamometers are modern diagnostic stands, thanks to which it is possible to determine many parameters that affect the performance of the car. In our workshop we have a modern VT / B2 4x4 chassis dynamometer, enabling power and torque measurement in inertial mode. The stand has two electro-eddy brakes with a maximum braking torque of 2000Nm.

Our 4x4 chassis dynamometer allows you to measure power, torque in inertial and load mode, power on wheels in constant speed mode, and test the car in road mode. Our measuring stand is equipped with a mechanical axle synchronization system. We have a European certificate confirming the accuracy of our measurements. The station looks like brake performance testers, located e.g. in vehicle inspection stations. It allows you to secure the car so that it does not roll off the rollers during the measurement and allows it to accelerate.

What is inertial measurement?

During the measurement, the car is accelerated, followed by its declutching. The next stage is waiting for the car to stop automatically without using the brake. The only load on the engine are: the weight of the rollers and the rolling resistance and drive mechanism. The whole measurement lasts from 10 to 30 seconds at full load and a few minutes while rolling freely down the dynamometer until it comes to a complete stop. The power and torque on the wheels are measured during acceleration. Power and moment of loss are tested during deceleration. Based on all this data, it is possible to obtain an accurate result that reflects the power and torque of the engine.

Inertial mode provides greater safety for the engine because it requires less time to use full load than load mode. In addition, inertial measurement results are much more accurate than in load mode.

Thanks to our 4x4 chassis dynamometer you can check your car's performance and make electronic car modifications.

Why are the car tests being carried out on the dynamometer?

Thanks to them, you can check your car and get a lot of valuable information about it. They let you find out, for example, how many horsepower a vehicle has. Measurements very often also allow for the diagnosis of defects, including those that are unusual, which is why finding them could cause problems. The measurement also allows you to determine if the lack of power in the car is caused by a defect, or is it just an illusion caused by getting used to the performance of the driver.

In our headquarters there are two 4x4 dynamometers. One is the VT-4 chassis, while the other is DYNomet. Thanks to them you can check your car!

Power and torque measurements are an excellent way to test the engine after turbocharger repair or replacement of injection system components. They allow us to determine whether the renovation has had the intended effects. Checking the course of power and torque also allows you to visualize the condition of the engine in a given car. It is worth taking the car to a 4x4 dynamometer before making any modifications. In this way, it will be possible to check the vehicle's condition before starting work. If you decide to carry out Chip-tuning in your car, choose a workshop that has its own dynamometer. Only in this way will it be possible to check the output parameters and the final effects of the modification. We cordially invite customers from Grodzisk Mazowiecki, as well as Warsaw, Pruszków and other surrounding cities to our headquarters.

Certyfikat hamowni 4x4 vtech


A two-axle chassis dynamometer equipped with two electro-spin brakes


Chip tuning means increasing power and torque as well as reducing fuel consumption


Symptoms of a DPF / FAP particle filter clogging are power loss or the engine goes into emergency mode.

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