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Offer for services and workshops

Offer cooperation for services in the field of chip tuning and removal of particulate filters like.

We service passenger cars, trucks, buses, agricultural tractors and motorbikes.


At the beginning of cooperation, we offer computer:

- removal of the FAP and DPF particulate filter, - removal of the EGR valve,

- removing Lambda probes and NOX probes,
- removing flaps in the intake manifold,
- optimization of the controller software in terms of fuel economy, - chip tuning,
- starting doses, etc.


We provide a written guarantee for all software modifications that can be given to the customer:

- The car will not go into emergency mode
- There will be no indicator lights indicating engine failure

- DPF will not be fired
- There will be no white smoke associated with DPF
- There will be no jerks or loss of power


A two-axle chassis dynamometer equipped with two electro-spin brakes


Chip tuning means increasing power and torque as well as reducing fuel consumption


Symptoms of a DPF / FAP particle filter clogging are power loss or the engine goes into emergency mode.

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